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Electra Angel from BeautyAndTheSenior would like to try out the brand new bistro down-town. Is it her creativity or is this aged waiter checking funny on her? She requests anyway however the meals she receives is terrible, thus she puts his poor face in it. In order to save this Beauty And The Senior evening she cames with a screwing great dessert. And the name of this simply beautiful little woman does her justice as she’s pretty much a sexy angel. Well a very slutty one as you will see her get down and dirty with this dude’s cock for  the rest of the boring afternoon today.


Well it was boring until the guy proposed they close the shop for a bit since they had no clients anyway. And maybe have a bit of fun. Well since this sexy red head is always feeling adventurous she agreed and striped out of her sexy outfit to show her luscious body to the older dude. Watch him fondling and playing with her body, and then see this gorgeous cutie bent over as she got one hard fucking from the guy doggie style. Make sure you check out the past updates that we have as well everyone, we promise that you won’t be disappointed with them either. See you next time!

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