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Beauty And The Senior video – A gentle mistress

Nowadays we get to find out a totally different facet of our Paul from the Beauty And The Senior videos because he visits a nice BDSM mistress. He is on his all fours in no time but her hard whips do not make a lot of an impact. Luckily the BeautyAndTheSenior Mistress is creative enough to impress Paul in one other way. To be fair, this sexy abnd horny mistress knows how to be gentle as well as punishing, and since Paul is a very old client of hers, she knows exactly how he likes to have her. So let’s get this show on the road and see this couple fuck today shall we?

She starts off by welcoming Paul today and hugging him. But the two are very eager to get started in their little fuck fest and so, the sexy and horny mistress, binds Paul to the chair. And as she removes her own clothes as well as his, she kneels down and starts to work on this old stud’s cock. See her sucking and deep throating it just for your viewing pleasure, and then see them get to fucking properly as the sexy mistress presents him with her lovely and eager pussy today. Enjoy it and do make sure that you come back next week for more sexy and horny couples having sex everyone!

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