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Harold has taken Beauty And The Senior Christine on a boat vacation along the lake however she’s all but fascinated. She can imagine a many things that could be more enjoyable to do. Such as banging for example. But Harold from BeautyAndTheSenior appears to be interested in sailing… or is he? Well either way he got to get a share of this superb blonde’s pussy and cock sucking skills today so everything was good. And as this scene takes place at the docks it’s only natural for it to continue on the dude’s big boat with his other friends. And yes the lady wasn’t all alone either.


The ladies were having the sexy Christine as her leader, and the two went on the dude’s boat today. One of them went inside with the other dude as Christine remained on the top to spend her time and have some fun with the captain. See her sucking his cock passionately, and if you look closely you can see her lady friend getting banged hard as well inside the boat too. She does allow this old captain to experience her sweet pussy as well, but she pulls out by the end to suck him some more and get all of his big and sticky jizz load all over her sweet and cute little face. Have fun guys!

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