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Beauty And The Senior – horny secretary

Jonathan from the Beauty And The Senior galleries is simply doing some thing about the poor wiring in his own home as his fed up assistant will come in and turns on the light. Simply overcome by the shock Jonathan BeautyAndTheSenior gets a different one when he notices the girl is not wearing any underwear… Cum inside the beauty & the senior and watch her swallowing all his jizz. She knows full well how to seduce a guy, and this guy was her prime target for today. She just adores older guys for the experience they have for sex and so lets see how all of this went down.

Watch her as after he saw her not wearing panties this sexy lady gets straight to having fun with him. Sit back and watch the woman as she presents him with her pussy as she has him lick and slurp on it while she moaned in pleasure. She knows older guys have a way with their hands and tongue and she makes full use of it. So sit back and watch her getting her oral pleasure from the guy as he eats out her pussy this fine afternoon. As always enjoy it everyone, and come back next week for more sweet scenes with some hot and sexy women. goodbye!

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Beauty And The Senior video – A gentle mistress

Nowadays we get to find out a totally different facet of our Paul from the Beauty And The Senior videos because he visits a nice BDSM mistress. He is on his all fours in no time but her hard whips do not make a lot of an impact. Luckily the BeautyAndTheSenior Mistress is creative enough to impress Paul in one other way. To be fair, this sexy abnd horny mistress knows how to be gentle as well as punishing, and since Paul is a very old client of hers, she knows exactly how he likes to have her. So let’s get this show on the road and see this couple fuck today shall we?

She starts off by welcoming Paul today and hugging him. But the two are very eager to get started in their little fuck fest and so, the sexy and horny mistress, binds Paul to the chair. And as she removes her own clothes as well as his, she kneels down and starts to work on this old stud’s cock. See her sucking and deep throating it just for your viewing pleasure, and then see them get to fucking properly as the sexy mistress presents him with her lovely and eager pussy today. Enjoy it and do make sure that you come back next week for more sexy and horny couples having sex everyone!

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BeautyAndTheSenior Michaela

Can observing a lady eating a large banana switch you on? Of course, when you’re as naughty like our BeautyAndTheSenior Bert it obviously does. However the sweet girl involved is four months expecting a baby and that can stop this perverted babe from making the first step. It does not stop her on the other hand. She makes the first step by sucking his old cock and then the action in on. And as we figure you might remember sweet little Michaela here. If you don’t know her that you get a chance to get reacquainted to her in this simply gorgeous scene today.

You got to see her a few updates back having some fun with an older guy, and today she’s back for some more. This cutie got your feed back, and she knows that you just loved seeing her fuck and today she’s repeating that experience by giving up her sweet pussy to another old Play Daddy for this superb update. Watch her sucking his cock and slurping on it, and then sit back end enjoy seeing her superb cunt fucked by that old guy’s big dick in this fresh update. We hope that you enjoyed it as always and we’ll be seeing you once more in future updates. Until then enjoy everybody!


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Beauty And The Senior Christine

Harold has taken Beauty And The Senior Christine on a boat vacation along the lake however she’s all but fascinated. She can imagine a many things that could be more enjoyable to do. Such as banging for example. But Harold from BeautyAndTheSenior appears to be interested in sailing… or is he? Well either way he got to get a share of this superb blonde’s pussy and cock sucking skills today so everything was good. And as this scene takes place at the docks it’s only natural for it to continue on the dude’s big boat with his other friends. And yes the lady wasn’t all alone either.


The ladies were having the sexy Christine as her leader, and the two went on the dude’s boat today. One of them went inside with the other dude as Christine remained on the top to spend her time and have some fun with the captain. See her sucking his cock passionately, and if you look closely you can see her lady friend getting banged hard as well inside the boat too. She does allow this old captain to experience her sweet pussy as well, but she pulls out by the end to suck him some more and get all of his big and sticky jizz load all over her sweet and cute little face. Have fun guys!

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Lizzy Beauty And The Senior

Lizzy Beauty And The Senior videos is in the woods, basking on the sunshine while she sees an interesting old male who’s peeking at her behind the trees. With no ado this busty teen from BeautyAndTheSenior galleries chooses to punish this playdaddy starting with smothering this dude with her tits and after that banging him. This sexy lady has a gorgeous and generous bust and she sais that guys always seem to swarm around her for that reason. Well why wouldn’t they when they want to get to play with her big boobs as they fuck her tight holes hard style. So let’s get started.

The cameras start to roll, and as you can see the sexy and busty teen reached the perfect spot for the break with the older dude. They found a nice little bench, and the hottie started to take off her clothes to present the dude with her naked and luscious body. See as he drops his pants as well, and watch the teen bending over and spreading her legs to give the older guy easy access to her sweet pussy from behind. So watch her getting fucked from behind in her scene today and enjoy the show everyone. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll see you again next week. Bye bye!


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BeautyAndTheSenior Electra Angel

Electra Angel from BeautyAndTheSenior would like to try out the brand new bistro down-town. Is it her creativity or is this aged waiter checking funny on her? She requests anyway however the meals she receives is terrible, thus she puts his poor face in it. In order to save this Beauty And The Senior evening she cames with a screwing great dessert. And the name of this simply beautiful little woman does her justice as she’s pretty much a sexy angel. Well a very slutty one as you will see her get down and dirty with this dude’s cock for  the rest of the boring afternoon today.


Well it was boring until the guy proposed they close the shop for a bit since they had no clients anyway. And maybe have a bit of fun. Well since this sexy red head is always feeling adventurous she agreed and striped out of her sexy outfit to show her luscious body to the older dude. Watch him fondling and playing with her body, and then see this gorgeous cutie bent over as she got one hard fucking from the guy doggie style. Make sure you check out the past updates that we have as well everyone, we promise that you won’t be disappointed with them either. See you next time!

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Beauty & The Senior

Berts calender is a bit fast and therefore he leads to the center of a winter seasons storm dressed in only his poor T-shirt, pants and flip flops. Luckily a sexy blonde angel from beauty & the senior shows up that invites him to her house to heat up. And heating up he definitely does on this fresh BeautyAndTheSenior videos update where this angel sweet blonde sucks him dry. And as this week brings you this fresh update, we just had to bring you this simply adorable and sexy blonde today. Like we said she is going to work on this guy’s throbbing cock so let’s watch her.

She might look cute and innocent, but that cute look hides one amazingly cock hungry little woman. As we said, she’d get to work on him straight away, and as you will see she gets to sucking on that cock very eagerly. Watch her taking off her clothes as well to show off those simply gorgeous and sexy curves of hers today. Then see her riding the dude’s cock as she takes it balls deep in her sweet and cock hungry pussy too. For a nice ending you get to see her pull out the dude’s cock before he cums, and she starts sucking his cock eating all of his jizz until he’s dry. Enjoy it!


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Senior fucking beauty

Nicole from the Beauty And The Senior videos is just cleaning her pool when she realizes the apparatus is not working no longer. Thus she calls the local plumber who’s really impressed with BeautyAndTheSenior Nicole’s personal equipment… cum inside this senior fucking beauty scene and watch this old papas repairing the faulty pool, and pounding her filfthy ass. It’s hard to not be impressed by this cutie’s looks as one might think. Nicole is a very sexy and cute woman with shoulder long curly hair, and she’s always quite the adventurous little sexy lady as you will see.


In this fresh update you get to see her put her charm to use as she gets this older dude to fuck her wildly in the bathroom after he fixed her tub. Well since he’s pretty good at fixing plumbing, the naughty little lady decided to also have him working on her personal pussy plumbing as well. So watch her giving him a extra tip and reward, as she fucks him in the bathroom. See this simply gorgeous and cute curly haired blonde riding on top of that cock with her eager and tight wet pussy today and enjoy the view. We’ll be back next week with some more superb scenes for you guys to see!

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Annemarie beauty and the senior

today’s BeautyAndTheSenior star is Annemarie beauty and the senior. She is a naughty young slut that wants a proper fuck daily. After a boring day at school she makes a visit at the nearby constructing center hoping to find a nice young dude available for banging her, however no young fellow was there, therefore she took what she found, and that was a old blond and fat dude willing to fuck her. Well you can rest assured that this horny little cutie was very happy about getting herself some nice cock inside her sweet little cunt and she was very much willing to fuck him as well today.

The guy himself has lots of experience dealing with women’s pussies to make them feel good, and today he’s going to put that said experience to use as he’d get around to fuck this cutie nice and hard for your viewing pleasure everyone. Sit back and watch as the sexy cutie takes off her clothes for the older dude, and watch her laying on her back and spreading her legs. Then you get to see the dude give her a proper dicking as he fucks her fast and hard for your entertainment this afternoon guys. Enjoy it and do come back next week for some more new and fresh scenes. Bye!


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Beauty And The Senior Kate

Beauty And The Senior Kate and her best friend Lenny from beautyandthesenior are two naughty slutty babes that loves getting shagged by old dudes. that is what happen on this fresh update when the two horny babes takes a lucky old dude from the streets, take him to their home and fucks him silly. To be honest, these cuties just adore to have their way with guys of any kind, so this older dude was a prime target. They hoped that since he was older he had some more experience to share in regards to sex, and rest assured that he did. So let’ swatch the trio go at it today!


You get to see the sexy ladies as they waste no time in getting to work on this horny dude’s cock. They make quick work of their own clothes and his, and just start to suck on his cock, both at the same time today. Cit back and just watch these two sexy cuties as they give the lucky guy a superb double blow job to get him all nice and hard for their eager little cunts this evening. Then you get to see them both offering up their wet pussies as they eagerly await a nice and proper cock pounding from him. So watch the women have sex with this older guy and enjoy the view everyone!

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